Splitting account into 2 new accounts

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Are you dealing with two types of tax.  If it is only one type of tax, you
would record the collections and the payments from the same account.  When
you create your invoice, the full amount goes into accounts receivable and
the product sales would be credited to an income account and the tax or
taxes would go to an appropriate liability account, probably taxes payable.
When the taxes are paid, you credit the bank account and debit the taxes
payable account.  If you have taxes paid to more than one entity, you would
create more than one liability account payable when the invoice is created.

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Dear All,

so far I have recorded all taxes (paid & collected) into one account, which
I understand is not good practice. How can I split those into two
appropriate accounts (paid & collected) for all the invoices/bill I had
already processed? Is there an easier way than unposting, editing, and

Many thanks
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