Cash Flow Report Between 2.6.3 and 2.6.5

Robin Chattopadhyay robinraymn at
Wed May 20 21:29:48 EDT 2015

For the record, I found a solution for me that works better (for me,
anyway) than trying to manipulate the cash flow report. I just wish I had
thought of it sooner.

Instead of putting all the splits into a transaction that debits the
checking account, I created a "suspense" account (an asset account that I
put under Prepaid Expenses for lack of a better spot) where all of the
payroll-related transactions are booked. Then a credit to this account and
a debit to the checking account to zero out the suspense account and show
just the takehome pay in the suspense account.

This has two advantages:
(1) My default cash flow report for the checking account doesn't show any
of the gross pay or pre-tax items
(2) I can run a cash flow report for just the payroll suspense account that
can be used to periodically reconcile those totals to my pay voucher.

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> >> Hi-
> >>
> >> I've been using GC 2.6.3 on a Win7 PC for a while. In that time, I've
> >> saved a cash flow report just the way I liked it.
> >>
> >> Recently, I switched to a new Win 8 PC and started running 2.6.5. My
> saved
> >> report no longer functions the same as it did under 2.6.3. I switched to
> >> 2.6.3 on the new PC and the report has gone back to the way I liked it.
> How
> >> can I get the cash flow report from 2.6.3 into 2.6.5? I thought I could
> >> replace cash-flow.scm on the new PC with the one from the old PC but
> that
> >> didn't seem to do the trick.
> >>
> >> The difference is how splits are handled. In 2.6.3, the report takes the
> >> net that moved into or out the account, but 2.6.5 reports all the
> splits.
> >>
> >> For example, I will record in one transaction my gross pay and
> >> various deductions. In 2.6.3, the cash flow report shows just the net
> pay
> >> going into the checking account. In 2.6.5, the report shows the gross
> pay
> >> going in and all of the deductions going out.
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Robin
> >>
> See for the reasons for
> the change and for what
> the original change was meant to solve.
> The changes in question affected only cash-flow.scm, so the fact that
> replacing it with the old one didn't work suggests that there's a cached
> byte-compiled version somewhere, though I'd thought that behavior was
> limited to guile-2. I don't know where that would be on Windows, but on
> Unix it's in $HOME/.cache/guile. If you can't find it you can check the
> time-stamp of cash-flow.scm and make sure that it's today; that should
> force guile to recognize that it's changed and to recompile it.
> Regards,
> John Ralls

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