Cash Flow Report Between 2.6.3 and 2.6.5

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Robin Chattopadhyay <robinraymn at>

>For the record, I found a solution for me that works better (for me,
>anyway) than trying to manipulate the cash flow report. I just wish I had
>thought of it sooner.
>Instead of putting all the splits into a transaction that debits the
>checking account, I created a "suspense" account (an asset account that I
>put under Prepaid Expenses for lack of a better spot) where all of the
>payroll-related transactions are booked. Then a credit to this account and
>a debit to the checking account to zero out the suspense account and show
>just the takehome pay in the suspense account.
>This has two advantages:
>(1) My default cash flow report for the checking account doesn't show any
>of the gross pay or pre-tax items
>(2) I can run a cash flow report for just the payroll suspense account that
>can be used to periodically reconcile those totals to my pay voucher.

gnc allows most legal stuff :)

IF a cash flow report is not a legal requirement where you are then you 
should join the minimalist honest reporter group

Very few reports are absolute requirements.  Governments do tend to 
insist that these few reports are accurate.


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