Mutual fund reinvestment option

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>Could someone advise what is wrong with the following transaction:
>Income 600 from a mutual fund reinvested in the same fund at NAV of
>32.7940 resulting in a balance increase of 18.296 units was recorded in
>GnuCash (ver 2.6.1 on Ubuntu 14.04) as a split transaction as follows:
Most helpers on this list are up to date and don't go backwards.  You 
could help yourself in this regard.  Common language and all that.

>Assets:Investments:Mutual Fund:Fund_A: Shares 18.296, Price 32.7940, Tot
>Buy 600
>Income:Mutual Fund:Fund_A: Tot Sell 600

There may be a rounding error, however

>This results in the following errors:
>1. The balance in Fund_A against the transaction is shown blank, the
>18.296 units are not added to existing balance.

sounds wrong

>2. In the home screen, all future minimum and total values for the fund
>are blank

I don't have a home screen, where do I buy one?

>3. Totals on home screen against the parent Mutual Fund account is also
>shown blank.

see above, I don't have a home screen.

>Is there something I have missed? It seems simple enough to me - income
>600 reinvested should raise balance by 18.296.

At the moment I'm thinking your view is through the Home screen that 
no-one else has.

The basic reinvestment sums do work but I've no idea about your apparent 


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