Mutual fund reinvestment option

Divakar R. divakar07 at
Sun May 24 14:19:27 EDT 2015

John Ralls wrote on Sunday 24 May 2015 09:11 AM:
>> On May 23, 2015, at 6:18 PM, Divakar R. <divakar07 at> wrote:
>> How else should the transaction be recorded? As I understand, 600 comes
>> in as income and 600 is added to the investment account. Even if I enter
>> a single line transaction in Assets:Investments:Mutual Fund:Fund_A as
>> Transfer:Income:Mutual Fund:Fund_A Shares 18.296: Price 32.7941: Buy 600,
>> the split looks as I have indicated in earlier mail.
>> I seem to be missing something here and am not able to get this right.
> You need four transactions, which you can do as one or two transactions at your pleasure, though if you’re using the Advanced Portfolio Report there are some subtleties that I don’t know about since I don’t use it.
> The splits, when viewed in Assets:Investments:Mutual Fund:Fund_A, which should be of type FUND or STOCK:
> 						Shares	Price	  Buy	  Sell
> Income:Mutual Fund:Fund_A		  				   600
> Assets:Brokerage Account:Cash					  600
> Assets:Brokerage Account:Cash						   600
> Assets:Investments:Mutual Fund:Fund_A     	18.296	32.7941	  600
> I usually record these as two transactions, one for the dividend and one for the repurchase.
> Regards,
> John Ralls
I don't understand why but when I do as you suggest, even as a single
transaction with 4 splits, the transaction looks correct with the final
balance in the Fund increasing by 18.296. Earlier I used to get a blank
balance field against this transaction.



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