aqbanking setup for PSECU-new

Sean Porterfield gnc20150530 at
Sat May 30 23:32:29 EDT 2015

I spent a long time trying to get GnuCash to connect to PSECU
(Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union) and thought I'd share
details in case anyone else is having trouble.  I had very little to go
on, since I had been using Quicken 2011 which is no longer able to
connect online, and the only references I could find were for the old
PSECU connection that went offline in 2014.

I read:

It was after I downloaded and tested MoneyDance that I knew it was
possible, but I couldn't find any trace of the connection details in a
file.  I eventually found the Quicken and MoneyDance logs and aqbanking
logs by using `AQOFX_LOG_COMM=1 gnucash` and the combination of those
got me to a working answer.

Of course, when I tried to search the mailing list archives to see if
this answer had already been posted, the page suggested I use Google
which led me to a MoneyDance file that had the answer I had pieced together.

So, the important parts:

User Name: whatever you want to name it
User ID: membernumber
Client UID: required, but I don't know if the value is important

Bank Name: PSECU-new
FID: 231381116
Server URL:

Application ID: QWIN
Application Version: 2300
Header Version: 103 has a lot of banks
listed.  It's referenced on
which I had not read before.

Hopefully this will help someone else.  I'm still learning some of the
nuances in GnuCash and trying to break 20 year old Quicken habits.  I
last tried GnuCash in 2004, I think; I'm likely to keep it for good this
Sean Porterfield

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