Invoices in Accounts Receivable

Nick McCulloch njmccull at
Sun May 31 21:30:45 EDT 2015


I was unable to find this information so if it exists already please 
point me in the right direction.

This is GnuCash 2.6.6 (rev 5a3ea33+ on 2015-03-30) When Posting Invoices 
I post them to Assets -> Accounts Receivable which looks to be the 
default settings.
That is fine I expect it to be in the Accounts Receivable and it shows 
it as an Invoice.

But when someone pays that Invoice it makes a new item as a payment and 
marks the invoice as paid but does not remove the invoice and payment 
from the Accounts Receivable. I don't interact with Accounts Receivable 
other than checking what is owing to me.

The accounts receivable becomes cluttered with Invoices and Payments 
items, I thought once the invoice was paid it when they be removed from 
Accounts Receivable as its no longer Receivable. Is this by design or is 
it an accounting requirement I am not aware of not being an accountant 
or is it something else?


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