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Fri Aug 26 17:52:16 EDT 2016

> On Aug 26, 2016, at 2:16 PM, John R. Sowden <jsowden at> wrote:
> I think we are getting astray from what I asked about.  I got the "There is at present no way to disable autofill".  And I got the select "Date of entry".  It worked.
> I understand that an accounting program is not a spreadsheet.  I was referring to the fact that a spreadsheet that is often used for financial matters DOES NOT copy down an amount, but it does copy down words, in the name of ease and accuracy.
> Re: increasing accuracy by putting an amount that I do not want entered into a field does not increase accuracy.  Re: the use of the word "deposit", I use that for searching purposes, and sometimes a name or payee is a required field.  At the GL level, I only want to know where the funds went (which income account, not which of 1,200 or so customers paid that amount.  That is the job of my AR system.
> I am entering with the tab.  After I write the name and press tab, it copies the amount of the previous transaction with that name. Like when I pay my about 15 AT&T bills, it would put the amount of my previous AT&T payment in to the new payment.  That is neither easy nor accuracy.

It sounds like your business might be a bit out of scope for GnuCash. We're targeting home and SOHO users, few if any of whom have 15 separate AT&T bills (why don't you get AT&T to consolidate those into one bill?) or 1200 customers. 

Let's chalk this up as another vote for a preference to disable auto-fill and leave it at that.

John Ralls

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