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Sat Oct 1 08:49:17 EDT 2016

I am new to GNUcash and I have a start up business.  Having watched some
very helpful starting youtube videos on chart of account set up and initial
transaction creation, I've found it very easy to use and straight forward. 
My issue is when I come to reconcile - here is my scenario, hopefully
someone can tell me where I am going wrong. My set up is for Canada. 

We opened our business account and in the first month our account fee was
deducted so our account went into a negative.  So, at the end of the first
month, the bank was -$6.00.  I inputted this transaction as a bank fee of
$6.00.  We transferred in $500 as a buffer to set up the business - a
personal loan if you like to credit the account, so I entered this as a
Liability under Loans as essentially the business needs to pay that money

My issue is that when I go to reconcile the month end, I reconcile the first
month with end balance of -$6.00, as this is the statement end balance. 
When I go to reconcile the second month, it only seems to want to reconcile
either the expenses OR the credit piece - I seem to be unable to see both of
these transactions in the reconcilliation window at the same time.  Is this
a setting issue or am I entering this incorrectly?  

Sorry for being dumb - just trying to find my way and make sure the start up
piece is completely correct!  

Thanks for the guidance. 

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