Can't get new credit card account to import ***.qfx file

David Reiser dbreiser at
Mon Oct 3 22:32:39 EDT 2016

> On Oct 3, 2016, at 2:59 PM, The Geek [Zorin OS 10 64amd] <jjkavaky at> wrote:
> Howdy:
>     This is the first time that I have emailed to this group.
>     I have been using gnucash for several years now and have run into a problem
>     I use gnucash to track credit cards and some other things.
>     Recently I was notified that one of my credit cards may have been compromised so they sent me
>     a new credit card.
>       I have tracked all of my credit cards by creating an account for each one.  I created a new-credit-card
>     account just like I have done in the past.  In the past, I believe, that when creating a new credit card
>     account, one of the items that they asked for was the new-credit-card number.  There was no request
>     for the new-credit-card number using the current gnucash program.  I am running Zorin OS 11 64amd
>     Linux system got guncash from their 'Software Center'. I am running  [GnuCash 2.6.6    This copy was
>     built from rev 132c9e3+ on 2015-08-12.]
>       I opened the new-credit-card account and tried to import a xxx.qfx for the new-credit-card, it was not
>     imported into the new-credit-card account but into the old-credit-card account.  I looked into the xxx.qfx
>     and it contained the new-credit-card number in it.
>       No matter what I tried, the import allways gets imported into the old-credit-card account.  And I tried at
>      least 3 times creating a new credit card account and they all failed.
>     So, how do I linked a xxx.qfx file to a new-credit-card account.
>     I like gnucash and want to continue using it.
>     Thanks for reading this and any help that you may provide.
>     Have a good day.

It has been something like 10 years since I’ve done this, but I think it will still work:

Open one of your xxx.qfx files in a text editor.
Everywhere it says <ACCTID>12345678
  where ‘12345678’ is whatever your bank says your credit card number (or possibly your online identity) is
Change ‘12345678’ to anything else, as long as it doesn’t match any of your account numbers
Save the file
Go to gnucash and import the edited .qfx file
Gnucash should throw up a dialog that says “Hey, the account number ‘56789’ isn’t recognized. Pick the account associated with this ID”
Select your OLD credit card account
Click OK enough times to complete the import.
Check to make sure you didn’t get any transactions that don’t belong inserted into your old account.
Now import any .qfx file that still has the active account number in it.
Since you flushed the real account number from the old account by changing it to something bogus in the last step, Gnucash will now complain again that it doesn’t recognize the (real) account number in the incoming qfx stream. 
Pick your NEW account from the gnucash accounts list in the dialog
Click OK enough times to complete import.
Go check the new account for transactions.

Dave Reiser
dbreiser at

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