Can't get new credit card account to import ***.qfx file

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Tue Oct 4 12:19:55 EDT 2016

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> >> Colin,
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> >> Having been through this myself not too long ago, I know that the cc
> company
> >> will freeze the original account and transfer the valid balance to a new
> >> account. To match the books with the card, it is cleaner to set up a new
> >> account, IMO.
> >
> > Ah, ok, if the old account is closed and a new one opened then yes it
> > should be a new account.  I have not experienced this myself, when it
> > happened to me they just invalidated the card and sent me a new one,
> > keeping the same account.
> Even though the numbers are different, I considered it the "same
> account" when this happened to me.

I agree with the folks saying to keep the SAME account in GnuCash -- the
bank may close out an old account and create a new one, but for YOUR
purposes the transactions look the same, EXCEPT the statement closing date
may change.

When I saw some fraudulent transactions earlier this year, the only
difference _I_ saw (besides getting a new card) was the bank took a lot
longer to process the legitimate transactions around the date of the
fraudulent transactions I reported. Because the statement closed "early"
(probably due to creating a new account) I had to receive a second
statement a month later before I could reconcile all the legitimate
transactions in GnuCash.

For years the way I have handled fraudulent transactions is to have a
second credit card (on a totally different bank) with zero balance that I
keep in my file drawer, and when I need to get a new card reissued, I
immediately switch to the unused card and stop using the affected account
for a number of months (or years) to make sure there's no question of which
transactions I have authorized. Even after receiving new cards I will not
use them until receiving a zero balance statement. This has a side effect
of making sure I stay completely aware of "automatic" transactions as well
as places that keep my old card "on file." (For recurring transactions I
update the description in GnuCash's Scheduled Transactions to help me watch
for them.) Of course these are both "no fee" credit cards.

Depending upon the circumstances, the card company may ask you to file a
police report. In my town I didn't even need to walk over to the police
station to complete the report -- a detective took the information from me
by telephone.

Fraudulent transactions are unfortunately a fact of life, and it's helpful
to think through what to do when you discover them.

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