GNUCASH FIND command doesn't search SPLIT lines

Derek Atkins derek at
Wed Oct 5 16:26:13 EDT 2016


On Wed, October 5, 2016 4:15 pm, Paul Kronick wrote:
> Problem with:  GNUCASH v. 2.6.14, built from rev 3e7022b+ on 2016-09-17.
> Computer: Mac OS X v.10.9.5 running on a Mac Mini.
> Neither the current version 2.6.14 nor 2.6.4 searches below the main
> description line of split transactions when I use EDIT>FIND in the main
> menu.  Reloading the program doesn’t help.  Is there a setting that I
> don’t know about?  I think it worked OK in the past.

Edit -> Find
[Memo] [Contains] ...

Note that if you run this from an open register it will only search the
splits attached to the open account; it will not search "other" splits in
the transactions which are tied to other accounts.

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