Colin Law clanlaw at
Wed Oct 5 17:10:53 EDT 2016

On 5 October 2016 at 21:32, Craig Van Tassle <craig at> wrote:
> I'm running gnucash 1.6.14 using a mysql backend on Ubutnu 16.04 I
> started having issues today when I was reconciling my accounts. It
> segfaults when I try to open it readonly or for editing.
> This is what I get on the CLI.
>>gnucash --debug
> Found Finance::Quote version 1.38
> sys:1: Warning: g_date_time_format: assertion 'datetime != NULL' failed
> sys:1: Warning: g_date_time_unref: assertion 'datetime != NULL' failed
> sys:1: Warning: g_date_set_dmy: assertion 'g_date_valid_dmy (day, m, y)' failed
> **
> qof:ERROR:gnc-date.c:1656:timespec_to_gdate: assertion failed: (g_date_valid (&result))
> zsh: abort      gnucash --debug
> I'm not sure where to go from here. Or if there is a way I can fix it.

The quickest way to recover may be go back to your latest backup of
the db.  Do another backup of the current one first though.


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