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Hi Everyone,

Now that I have joined the discussion list itself, I will include all 
the correspondence so far on this topic.
I have just checked both accounts and the entries are dated 30th June. I 
was planning to do closing entries on the same date but could easily 
make it July 1st instead if that would solve the issue. I have a screen 
shot here of the entry.

Pat. Mitchell

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I suppose from your description that you've confirmed that Provision for 
Building maintenance isn't being credited in the closing transaction and 
that the difference you're reporting is between what you've calculated 
by hand and the total amount of the expense part of the closing transaction.

Since you're sure that the account type is Expense, the only other item 
in the function (src/gnome-utils/dialog-close-book.c:close_accounts_cb) 
that will get an account skipped is having a 0 balance on the day after 
the closing date. Did you check that the posted date on your provision 
transaction is on or before the closing date?

John Ralls

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Hi John,

After checking the relevant accounting standards again, the accounts 
involved are as follows, via a journal entry only:

Provision for Building maintenance - expense account - debit
Building maintenance reserve - liability - credit

Hope this is what you are looking for.

What's the other account for the provision transaction?

John Ralls

'Hi Everyone,

Back in the day, I was an accountant for nearly 30 years, so do know my 
way around financial reporting. I would like to say that Gnucash is 
simply a terrific piece of software and I use it to manage all the 
accounting needs of the 2-3 volunteer organisations I work with, not to 
mention I recommend it to everyone else!

I have struck a problem that does not make sense to me and I am aware 
that it is said there is no need to close the books annually in Gnucash, 
but I like to be neat and tidy at the end of each financial year, so I 
tend to do it. Fortunately, it is very easy to reverse the transactions 
if necessary.

This is the first time I have come across a treatment that does not fit 
with what I thought I know. In this instance, when I transfer the 
closing income/expense balances to the Net result account, the amount 
differs to the actual financial result for the year. The actual 
difference is represented by an amount I have expensed as a provision 
for future buildings maintenance. Yet this amount is not included (?) 
when I close the books, with the final result of surplus for the year 
being overstated by the exact amount of provision. Drives me nuts! Any 
thoughts as to why this is so? The item in question has been clearly 
identified as an expense type, even though it it never going to be a 
cash item, since it does not represent an actual payment of money - 
maybe that is the problem. Your thoughts on this would be most helpful, 
Thank you.

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