Does GnuCash have this feature?

Mark Phillips mark at
Sat Oct 15 13:44:51 EDT 2016

Is it possible to set a reminder about a certain transaction so when I come
back in a month to reconcile an account, the reminder pops up?

Let me give a concrete example. I have a safe deposit box at the bank where
I keep all my accounts. Because of my balances, I should get the box for
free, or at least a discounted price. However, each year on some random
date I get charged the full amount for the box, and I have to go into the
branch and have it waived. The refund usually does not show up until the
next, or maybe two, periods after the charge was made. I notice this last
year that I went through this dance, was assured it had been waived, but
low and behold, it still has not been waived.

I would like to somehow make a note against the initial charge, and each
time I reconcile this account a note pops up and says "hey, each time you
reconcile this account going forward, make sure this charge has been
reversed." Maybe change the color of this charge in the check register, so
I also have a visual clue that there is something wonky about this charge
that needs to be fixed in the future.

I don't mean to imply a specific implementation, so I hope you get the
idea. Something like the pop up for reoccurring charges when I open Gnucash.

I look forward to your feedback!


PS I just thought of one way to accomplish feature wold be to to actually
enter the refund before it happens, so each month that amount will not be
reconciled. For small amounts, that may be OK, but this approach make the
ending balance in the check register incorrect and that does not seem such
a good idea. I guess I could look at some sort of payable entry, but I
don't use A/R or A/P for my simple accounting needs. From what I know about
A/P in Gnucash, I would have to remember to run a payables report to see
what transactions have not occurred. This seems cumbersome - I like having
the computer remember things for me and tell me to get my sh**t together,
not the other way around...;)

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