Missing Transactions?

gnucash-list at cosgroves.us gnucash-list at cosgroves.us
Sat Oct 15 16:53:41 EDT 2016

Hi folks,

In early October, when it was time to reconcile my accounts, I
discovered that my two largest accounts somehow were missing many
transactions.  In the case of my credit card, those were missing
between April and September.  In the case of my checking account,
those were missing all the way back to mid January.

I checked the FAQ, specifically this page:

I found out that I need to find the .YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.gnucash file to 
recover back to the specified date.  But, I don't have any of the 
date ranges covering the missing transactions.  Similarly, I don't
have any log files for those ranges either.

Does this mean that I'm stuck, without any way to recover my data?


P.S.:	I'm using version 2.4.13 on Fedora 17.

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