Does GnuCash have this feature?

Mark Phillips mark at
Sun Oct 16 15:48:11 EDT 2016

Thanks for all the ideas. I think I will go with the $0 transaction idea so
I only need to worry about this when I reconcile the account. I haven't
tried this approach, but I will see what appears on next year's bank

I do maintain an A/R account for other things, but, sadly, I tend to forget
to look at it on a regular basis. I like the scheduled transactions idea,
too. I am still a little worried about a mismatch in timing between when I
arbitrarily schedule the refund and it actually appears on the bank

Thanks again!


On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 10:33 AM, Edward Doolittle <
edward.doolittle at> wrote:

> As you mentioned, you could just put the reversing transaction into your
> account as if it were done, then don't reconcile it until the transaction
> is actually done. At that time you might want to correct the date. If you
> leave the date alone in the meantime, it will appear at or near the top of
> your list of transactions to reconcile. You might add something like
> REMINDER to the beginning of the description; again, you can remove that
> tag when the transaction is complete, just before you reconcile it.
> A disadvantage is that your running balance (but not your reconciled
> balance nor your cleared balance) will be lower than what you see in
> GnuCash.
> A similar idea that might work, without having to worry about the
> difference in the balance, is to put a $0 transaction into your account.
> Every time you reconcile, the transaction will appear, until you check it
> as reconciled or delete it. If you continue to need the reminder, leave it
> unchecked; it won't affect the reconciliation or your running balance,
> being $0, but it will continue to appear at or near the top of the list of
> transactions to reconcile until you check it during reconciliation or
> delete it.
> I'm not sure offhand whether you need a second leg for a $0 transaction,
> and if so, where would be an appropriate location for it. Perhaps you could
> put both legs in the same account, one as a debit and the other a credit,
> in which case your reminder will appear in both reconciliation windows.
> Even if possible, I don't know whether that's advised; future changes in
> Gnu Cash may cause transactions like that to be automatically eliminated.
> Or maybe not, I don't know.
> You could also put the transaction in a receivable account, which you
> check occasionally to make sure the balance is $0. You don't need the
> business features to set up a receivable account; just set it up as an
> account of type Asset under something like Assets:Receivables. That's what
> I do when people or organizations owe me money. The original transaction,
> instead of being from your chequing account to Expenses:Bank Fees, would
> instead be from chequing to Assets:Receivables. When you do get the money
> back, it should go from Assets:Receivables back to chequing.
> Edward
> On 15 October 2016 at 11:44, Mark Phillips <mark at>
> wrote:
>> Is it possible to set a reminder about a certain transaction so when I
>> come
>> back in a month to reconcile an account, the reminder pops up?
>> Let me give a concrete example. I have a safe deposit box at the bank
>> where
>> I keep all my accounts. Because of my balances, I should get the box for
>> free, or at least a discounted price. However, each year on some random
>> date I get charged the full amount for the box, and I have to go into the
>> branch and have it waived. The refund usually does not show up until the
>> next, or maybe two, periods after the charge was made. I notice this last
>> year that I went through this dance, was assured it had been waived, but
>> low and behold, it still has not been waived.
>> I would like to somehow make a note against the initial charge, and each
>> time I reconcile this account a note pops up and says "hey, each time you
>> reconcile this account going forward, make sure this charge has been
>> reversed." Maybe change the color of this charge in the check register, so
>> I also have a visual clue that there is something wonky about this charge
>> that needs to be fixed in the future.
>> I don't mean to imply a specific implementation, so I hope you get the
>> idea. Something like the pop up for reoccurring charges when I open
>> Gnucash.
>> I look forward to your feedback!
>> Mark
>> PS I just thought of one way to accomplish feature wold be to to actually
>> enter the refund before it happens, so each month that amount will not be
>> reconciled. For small amounts, that may be OK, but this approach make the
>> ending balance in the check register incorrect and that does not seem such
>> a good idea. I guess I could look at some sort of payable entry, but I
>> don't use A/R or A/P for my simple accounting needs. From what I know
>> about
>> A/P in Gnucash, I would have to remember to run a payables report to see
>> what transactions have not occurred. This seems cumbersome - I like having
>> the computer remember things for me and tell me to get my sh**t together,
>> not the other way around...;)
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