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John Winters john at
Sun Oct 16 06:19:45 EDT 2016

I've been a GnuCash user for several years, but am just starting out
with trying to use it to run a business.

The new taxinvoice.scm invoice template is very nice, but I want to
tweak it just a little - indeed, I've done that successfully, but...

I've been reading back on this mailing list, and on various web pages
and it seems to me I have two options:

1) Edit the original files in
/usr/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report and then re-edit (or at
least, restore them) every time I do a software upgrade.

2) Create my own renamed version in ~/.gnucash (with new ID and
everything) but then lose the ability to choose this one as my default
invoice in the Edit => Preferences => Business page.  My new one appears
under Reports => Business and works fine from there, but it's a much
more clumsy way of printing invoices.

From what I've read, it seems there is currently no way of adding a
custom invoice to the default list, but I ask in the vague hope...


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