Managing stocks in foreign currencies

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Sun Oct 16 13:13:20 EDT 2016

> On Oct 16, 2016, at 2:52 PM, Roman Decker <roman.decker at> wrote:
> I wasn't using trading accounts - didn't know I had to enable that - I know enabled it; still no success however.
> I've had this stock since before I started using GnuCash so I've set the initial amount up by creating an equity account "Equity:Opening Balances:GBP" denoted in GBP and entering the opening balance with that. Maybe that's the problem?

Trading accounts aren't required, I asked only because GnuCash works a little bit differently when they're enabled and I want to replicate what you're doing. Toggling them doesn't have a retroactive effect, so turning them on won't have done anything for this case.

Is there a price for WMH in the price editor? Your illustration shows a category for Eurex, but I expect that has prices for whatever's in Stocks-EUR. Not sure if it matters, but what are the account types of Stocks and Stocks:Stocks-GBP?

I've set up the following tree in a new account file with trading accounts turned off:
Assets:Investiments:Brokerage (Type Asset, EUR)
Assets:Investments:Stocks-GBP (Type: Asset, GBP)
Assets:Investments:Stocks-GBP:WMH (Type Stock, WMH)

I started off with WMH being an Asset account so that I could create the opening balance of £100 (no opening balances are allowed when creating a stock account), saved it, then edited it and changed the type to Stock. The account then showed 100 WMH, so I opened it and edited the opening balance transaction so that it was 10 shares priced at £10 for £100 Debit. That edit created a price shown in the price editor. The value on the Accounts page wasn't carried up to the Brokerage total, just as in your case, until I created a GBP->EUR price; once I did that it was carried up. 

John Ralls

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