Invoice Printing

Donald Hill donaldhill at
Wed Oct 19 16:28:28 EDT 2016

Hi Geert, Will do but will be later today


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On Wednesday 19 October 2016 13:33:39 Donald Hill wrote:
> I’ve tried exporting the invoice as a PDF but again only blank.
> Have removed ADBlocker that I installed and all extensions. Tried
> changing my default browser to IE and EDGE still not working.
> Very baffled by this
> Donald

As asked in a previous mail, can you post the contents of the gnucash
trace file for the gnucash session in which you try to print the invoice
? Information on finding the proper trace file can be found here [1]

Note that there are likely many trace files still lingering on your
system. The best approach here in to move them all in a subdirectory,
then start gnucash, try to print your invoice (to the point you get the
blank screen) and then close gnucash again. At this point there should
only be one trace file left. Please post it here.




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