how to track credit card rewards

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Thu Oct 20 08:53:11 EDT 2016

On 20/10/2016 06:09, David Carlson wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> Point values certainly do change.  Even within the same plan.  One of my
> reward cards has a long list of retailers that accept their points, but at
> different values.  I need to have a solution that can handle that.  I do
> not expect to keep a hard exchange rate to my local currency to use in net
> worth reports..
> I think that the exchange rate tool allows a different rate for every
> transaction, but that is something I am not sure about, or whether I can
> use the same fictitious 'currency' for several different accounts.
> I also would like to keep each flavor of points separate because one of my
> objectives is to identify which ones are more likely to accumulate enough
> to trade for something I can actually use and estimate how long it might
> take.  Free movie tickets at a theater in a town 50 miles away just don't
> work for me, but some of them (like Discover Card points) can be used as a
> partial payment on the account.

you can have as many XXX as you want, they should all work independently


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