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Howard M. Fried cursorsci at
Fri Oct 21 16:07:30 EDT 2016

Thank you Mr. Novack. I appreciate the wisdom of export/edit, which 
prompted me to dig further.

I am using Mac OS 9.5.  I found Reports-->Transactions-->Transaction 
Reports and the ability to select Sales, Accounts Receivable, etc. An 
"Options" function enables some control over what is displayed. I do not 
see a useful means to directly export these reports. The "Export" 
function here only creates an html file, and "Export as PDF.." is fine, 
but I cannot edit a pdf file. Remarkably, however, copying the screen 
output and pasting into Excel works. Paid/unpaid information is still 
absent, but, of course, I can manually add a column for missing information.

There is also a File-->Export-->Export Transactions to CSV.. function, 
but I find the output to be greatly more complex and it does not include 
invoice number.

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>> >
>> > Is it possible to create a report listing, in numerical order, all
>> > invoices but limited to displaying only customer name, paid/unpaid,
>> > and invoice amount? "Accounts Receivable" appears to have the desired
>> > information, but there are many additional columns and lines, and I
>> > don't see a means to customize the output. "Sales" is better (fewer
>> > columns), but it doesn't show paid/unpaid.
>> >
>> > Many thanks.
> Almost always in a situation like this (an existing report contains all
> the desired information but also additional information that is not
> wanted) the easiest solution is to produce the existing report, export
> it, and edit with a batch editing process. Trying to customize WITHIN
> the application not only more work for somebody, but a less general
> solution.
> You might ask the question a different way. "I can produce the "Accounts
> Receivable" report and export it, but how do I edit that so that it only
> has ......... showing?"   << tell us what operating system and tools you
> have available >>
> Michael D Novack

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