layout and formatting problems with 2.6.14

Barnabooth brantlouise at
Sat Oct 22 16:51:06 EDT 2016

I installed Gnucash 2.6.14 this week, with the intention of retiring Simply
Accounting. The reason for this was that SA obliged me to own a computer
running Windows which was growing increasingly inconvenient.

I have managed to set up my chart of accounts (many thanks to this page:
so, so far, so good. But before proceeding further I would like to eliminate
minor niggles if possible (neither is a deal-breaker).

1)  I created each Account with an account code (eg, Assets is 1000,
Liabilities is 2000, Equity 3000, Revenue 4000, Expenses 5000) and
sub-accounts have numbers within those ranges (eg, Petty Cash is 1050).
Unfortunately in the account window they appear out of order: although
Assets tops the list as expected, the list continues with Equity, then
Expenses, then Liability, then Revenue.
Oddly enough, if I go to Reports>Income and Expenses>Trial Balance the
accounts appear in the correct order.

2) Looking at the Trial Balance window, the formatting is a bit off: The
heading "Debit" appears between the column of account names and the column
of debits, and the heading "Credit" appears between the two columns of
entries. This holds true if the trial balance is down-loaded as a PDF.

Is there a way to correct these niggles? 

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