Category (re)assignment when importing my QIF credit card transactions

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Oct 24 15:37:29 EDT 2016


KeyG <kenga13 at> writes:

> My online banking exports credit (and debit) card transactions to QIF with
> simple category assignment. Clearly, there only two - "expense" and
> "income". 
> Currently I use qifqif python script, which scans QIF file, have matches in
> config file and could assign categories to transactions, and rewrites it.
> But it's not comfortable, it have some limitations. F.e. I should clear
> Category from QIF before using it or learn Python to change qifqif to do
> that.
> Actually, my transaction GnuCash category/account could be determined by
> matching patterns with "Payee" QIF Field (contains some Merchant Id) or,
> rarely by Memo field.
> Is there currently any GnuCash way to automate category rewrite when
> importing basing on "Payee" QIF field match or other QIF fields match?

The QIF Importer will use the QIF Category and/or QIF Account (L) QIF
field, if it exists.  If it (L) does not exist for a transaction then
the importer will allow you to perform a full-string match using the
Payee (P) or Memo (M) fields.

The importer will remember these mappings for the same QIF file
(e.g. foo.qif) for the next import.  But note that it is a full string
match, not a tokenized match.  So if you have, e.g. FooCorp 1234567 and
then FooCorp 2345678, the second will NOT map the same as the first.

Hope this helps.

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