layout and formatting problems with 2.6.14

Fred Bone Fred.Bone at
Sun Oct 23 05:09:46 EDT 2016

On 22 October 2016 at 13:51, Barnabooth said:

> I installed Gnucash 2.6.14 this week, with the intention of retiring
> Simply Accounting. The reason for this was that SA obliged me to own a
> computer running Windows which was growing increasingly inconvenient.
> I have managed to set up my chart of accounts (many thanks to this page:
> s-examples-toplevel2) so, so far, so good. But before proceeding further I
> would like to eliminate minor niggles if possible (neither is a
> deal-breaker).
> 1)  I created each Account with an account code (eg, Assets is 1000,
> Liabilities is 2000, Equity 3000, Revenue 4000, Expenses 5000) and
> sub-accounts have numbers within those ranges (eg, Petty Cash is 1050).
> Unfortunately in the account window they appear out of order: although
> Assets tops the list as expected, the list continues with Equity, then
> Expenses, then Liability, then Revenue. Oddly enough, if I go to
> Reports>Income and Expenses>Trial Balance the accounts appear in the
> correct order.
> 2) Looking at the Trial Balance window, the formatting is a bit off: The
> heading "Debit" appears between the column of account names and the column
> of debits, and the heading "Credit" appears between the two columns of
> entries. This holds true if the trial balance is down-loaded as a PDF.
> Is there a way to correct these niggles? 

1) Three possibilities:

a. Renumber your accounts so that Equity is 2000, Expenses 3000, etc.

b. Rename the top-level accounts so the names are in the order you 

c. Sort the Accounts display on account code (it defaults to account 

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