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> Yes I've googled and found a zillion very long threads asking to do this,
> including citations of bugs, patches, et al, most from 2010 and earlier
> none that immediately give the answer. Rather than spending hours going
> through these threads, may I just please ask the experts:
> "How might I disable column auto sizing, especially the Description column
> that gets very wide?"
> =====
> I am on v. 2.6.7 and rely on openSUSE Leap 42.1repositories for the latest
> updates as well as this channel (thank you).
> I've followed the various threads to widen the other columns (includung by
> double clicking) in order to force Description to a smaller size, which
> but then the entire window is too wide for the screen and I must manually
> scroll horizontally. Tabbing indeed  goes to the amount column (Withdrawal
> in a bank account), but it is now off the screen to the right.
> It would just be a big help if I could just say, "Mother, puleeze! I'd
rather do it
> myself!"
> :-)
> and just manually set column widths to my liking.
> Or else, if tabbing goes to a field that is off the screen auto-scrolli
> to find it.
> Thanks in advance, Andy

Hi Andy,

Please see the Note in:

How it works is a bit unique but once you know how, it's easy enough.

What I usually do is shrink all the numeric columns on the RHS by double
clicking on the vertical line between each column heading which shrinks them
to the size of the data in the column. You can do this with the account
column also, although the vertical line is not visible. Then resize the
balance column by dragging left the vertical line between the Balance
Heading and the vertical scroll bar, then double click or drag left the
vertical bar at the RHS of the Description column heading. You need to make
all the columns fit in the horizontal window size so you don't have use the
bottom horizontal scroll bar. If you only have a small monitor and long
descriptions, this may mean you need to set the size of the description to
smaller than you'd like.

The register code is a very complicated and the developers seem to be
rightly reticent about modifying it.

If I recall correctly, once you have set the size of the register for each
particular account, GnuCash remembers your column sizes.
I try not to change the size of the GnuCash window as I may then need to
reset my saved column sizes.

Thanks for bring this up. I had forgotten that double clicking on the
Balance column heading reduces the column size to the bigger of either the
data or the heading.

Regards, Chris Good
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