Easier custom reporting (maybe Lua)?

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Tue Oct 25 10:33:23 EDT 2016

> On Oct 25, 2016, at 6:54 AM, Saša Janiška <gour at atmarama.com> wrote:
> "Derek Atkins" <derek at ihtfp.com> writes:
>> I don't think anything has been decided.  Besides, if you ask 5 people
>> you'll get 10 answers.
> Heh, that’s why I’ve replied and asked one of the (active) devs. ;)
>> I'd rather see a much lighter tool used.
> Tool or the language?
> Lua is lighter, but  probably not as popular as Python…anyway I’ll try
> with something what is currently available…


As Derek said, nothing has been decided. That work is too far away to worry about it, so far away that what's available and what are the constraints may change dramatically before we get there. Derek may not be actively coding on GnuCash but he's very active in a lot of other ways, including decision-making.

That said, what we discussed a couple of years ago when laying out the roadmap for future development was a query-by-example report generator rather than a programming/scripting language. Very few of our users are programmers but almost all have some special report that they'd like to have and we'd like for all of them to be able to satisfy that need.

John Ralls

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