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As well as a transfer of the files in the first place, on a Linux system it
is also possible to keep the files synchronized between your desktop and

I currently do this with Unison
( using a WiFi when my computers
are linked to my home network ( at a minimum you will need a router).  You
can also synch selected hidden files/folders , i.e. the .gnucash folder but
is is not wise to do this in general as it may have unintended consequences
particularly if you are running different versions of a  program on your two
machines. I have Unison run on startup and leave it running while the
computers are on the network so any changes I make are synchronized. You
have to be careful about not altering both sets of files on each computer
before connecting them to the network as this produces a conflict. I used
Unison because it copes with the deletion of files on either computer, has
the ability to ignore specific directories. ( I use another program
fwbackups for backing up data but that is another story)

There are a variety of other approaches to synchronisation/backup of two
computers ( rsync, fwbackups, bacula, lucky backups etc are some possibles I synchronize my
complete home directory as I need to be able to access all my work when away
from home apart from specified directories whichcan be specified to be
Another approach I have used in the past is to use the NFS to mount the home
folder of one computer on the other over the network which allows you to
copy files as you require from one to the other manually. This requires
administration privileges but is not too difficult to do. See or for 
instructions on how to do it. Some of the Ubuntu documentation on NFS shares
is also

If you use samba on Linux it is even possible to go between Windows and
Linux Mint over a network.


David Cousens

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