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Derek Harvey (ME) derek at
Wed Oct 26 18:15:52 EDT 2016

I am a bit further; imported a small Quicken file. Very disappointed to 
find the Quicken Memo field seems to have been ignored and lost. If 
anyone knows where this field is, please let me know.

GnuCash is IMHO deficient in not having a memo field separate from the 
Payee field and in not at least concatenating the Q'n Payee and Memo 
fields together, perhaps with a separator so it can, as does Q'n, 
recognise the Payee on a new entry.

This deficiency is likely to make me use instead KMyMoney which does 
import the Memo field. Still 'on the fence' as I do quite like the 
double entry of GnuCash.

Like this correspondent I prefer the forum structure.

On 26/10/2016 19:31, Solomon Deutsch wrote:
> I am totally new to GNU cash; I haven't even downloaded it yet.  Thinking
> about moving a 35 MB Quicken file over, though.
> It seems like you guys use this email format.  Is there anywhere where I can
> search the email discussions that happened before I joined this list?  I am
> more used to forums, so this email format is new to me.
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