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Wed Oct 26 18:18:00 EDT 2016

William.  People loose out everyday in money they might be entitled to 
for the lack of documentation.  While 'saying so' might have some 
merit.  It's just not enough for enforcement.  I often get mixed up on 
who owes what and who has paid what.  I've caught myself drafting a 
collection letter and found, while bringing up my accounting records to 
include in the letter, I was mistaken.  In those circumstances had I not 
respectfully documented performed sufficient accounting, it would have 
been a burden in my mind thinking I was owed something that had been paid.

I find most people (the people I deal with) are basically honest and 
will respect the paper trail.  Problems happen because just like I 
forget some times, so do the customers.  If you go to them for money 
without an invoice, they might pay you out of respect and to avoid 
arguing and problems.  But they may feel sick also feeling they either 
double paid, or paid for something that might not had been sufficiently 
ordered or delivered.

The OP is right to try to get his paperwork in order.

-- L. James

L. D. James
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On 10/19/2016 07:07 PM, Wm via gnucash-user wrote:
> On 19/10/2016 01:33, Donald Hill wrote:
>> I’ve tried exporting the invoice as a PDF but again only blank.
>> Have removed ADBlocker that I installed and all extensions. Tried changing my default browser to IE and EDGE still not working.
>> Very baffled by this
>> Donald
> Dear Donald
> You seem to have forgotten that the printed invoice is the document
> evidencing the transaction rather than the transaction itself.
> If you want your money all you have to do is say so, the bit of paper
> isn't what actually counts in most legal systems.
> Love, common accounting sense and a bit less panic next posting, please.
> -- 
> Wm
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