Easier custom reporting (maybe Lua)?

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 28 17:26:55 EDT 2016

On 25/10/2016 06:17, Sébastien de Menten wrote:

> The idea is more about a better integration between gnucash and 3rd party
> reporting extension. The unverified program gnucash woud call could anyway
> be called externally by the user, via the command line (i.e. it does not
> change a bit the security or I am missing something...). But thank to this
> better integration with gnucash, the user experience would be dramatically
> improved !
> Seen the complexity of today's legacy  reporting system in gnucash, that is
> not expected to be reworked in the coming months/years due to
> understandably higher priorities  (engine and backend), this integration
> via guile/scheme looks like a promising venue doable in a couple of
> hours/days.

I have tried to get a command line guile to gnc going on and off on both
Linux and Win but have had no more success than anyone else, it is like
the python bindings, it involves magic that isn't shared or isn't
considered important to share.

> Any scheme gnucash guru willing to scratch this itch ? My own scheme
> practice is under 15y of dust...

Guile as implemented by GnuCash remains opaque to me, I can follow the
general language but then the implementation ... eh?


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