Perl Price History Script

David T. sunfish62 at
Mon Oct 31 23:10:57 EDT 2016

It does seem like I might be picking up some portion of what git can do. Who would have thought it? Thanks for the warm words. It does mean a lot. 
Later today, I plan to put all the information that John and I exchanged into the project description and read me. That way, folks will know just what exactly they are getting themselves into. I don't want people to be led astray unwittingly. 
Cheers, David 

  On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 23:43, Geert Janssens<geert.gnucash at> wrote> 
Regardless of all the warnings, let me congratulate you David! It 
appears your previous attempts at using git in the context of gnucash 
has given you enough confidence to store your own project in git (and 
github) as well. Nice job!

And well done to scratch your own itch too.

And (lastly) thanks for sharing what you did. That's open source/free 
software at its best!

Yes, the warnings still very much apply, but I wanted the other side 
being said as well :)


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