Currency definition fpr account missing

Hajo Hindriks hhn10 at
Thu Apr 20 16:24:53 EDT 2017

Hi all

since upgrading to version 2.6.16 on windows I get a strange message on 
opening my file:

In German: "Kontowährung konnte nicht bestimmt werden. Stattdessen wird 
die voreingestellte Systemwährung verwendet."

Something like "Currency of account could not be determined, using 
predefined system currency."

I get this each time I am opening an account tab. When entering a 
transaction it asks me for the exchange rate between the two accounts, 
the dialog prefilled with the right currencies (CHF -> CHF), and 1.0 as 

Strangely if I open the same file on ubuntu there is no such message. I 
am using sqlite to save the file.

Anybody seen this? Should I stop using windows to access the file?

tia, Hajo

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