[GNC] Import de transaction

Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net
Tue Dec 3 10:15:11 EST 2019


This is an English list, so please excuse my non-French reply. (I’m not certain if there is a GnuCash list in French. I know there are GnuCash lists in other languages)

There should be no need to start over with an export and a clean book.

Simply delete the closing entries generated by the “Close Books” feature and you’ll be back where you were before closing. The easiest place to find them will be in your Equity account(s).

To also answer your issue on importing an export, older versions of GnuCash can’t do this. (You didn’t indicate which version or OS you were using) If that is really needed, then first, upgrade to version 2.6.21 (if not using it already) and then save a backup of your file. Then upgrade to version 3.7 which is the current version. You will then be able to export your transactions and then re-import them into a new book.


> On Dec 2, 2019 w49d336, at 2:42 PM, NOURY Florence <F.NOURY at nexter-group.fr> wrote:
> Bonjour,
> J'utilise GnuCash pour tenir une comptabilité d'association.
> J'ai cloturer les comptes sans tenir compte de la période comptable et maintenant le calcul du résultat est faux.
> Je souhaiterais importer des transactions d'un fichier généré dans GnuCash vers un nouveau fichier vide dans GnuCash.
> Je n'arrive pas à importer les transactions que je viens d'exporter. Je bloque au niveau du masque « Match Import ans GnuCash accounts ».
> Pouvez-vous m'aider
> Merci d'avance
> Florence

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