[GNC] Sub-accounts disappeared during upgrade 3.5 > 3.7

Paul Kroitor paul at kroitor.ca
Sun Dec 15 20:34:06 EST 2019

Hello. Rather bizarrely, one group of sub-accounts has disappeared from the chart of accounts in one of our books. They we there when I last closed the file in GnuCash 3.5 a few days ago, and they're gone when I first opened them in 3.7.

I am wracking my brain trying to understand what's special about this particular group, but there's nothing I can see that makes them different from others that didn't disappear. It's a straight-forward chart of accounts, it has about 15 sub-accounts under expenses, and three of these sub-accounts are divided into sub-subaccounts. Two of the groups didn't lose their subaccounts, but one did.

Specifically, I had:

  House Insurance
      Main House

And now (as soon as it was opened with 3.7) the three sub-sub-accounts under "Hydro" are gone, and all the bookings in them have been relocated to the parent account (Hydro). Happily, nothing is actually gone. There are other sub-accounts with children where this hasn't happened, so I am at a loss.

Any ideas? It's not too late to roll it all back for trouble-shooting if that would help resolve it.

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