[GNC] Sub-accounts disappeared during upgrade 3.5 > 3.7

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Sun Dec 15 22:38:22 EST 2019


AFAIK there were no data format changes between 3.5 and 3.7. and no
previously reported problems of this sort with this upgrade.  I moved my
data files from 3.5 to 3.7 (on Linux Mint 19.2) with expense subaccount
nesting > 4 deep with no problems a few months ago. Are you using the xml
datafile or a database backend and what is your OS? I assume the Expenses
top level account is a placeholder and similarly with the Hydro subaccount.
This is an option in the edit account dialog. If it is a placeholder account
then it can't be the target for splits in a transaction. This shouldn't
matter anyway as Gnucash can cope with subaccounts summing into a
non-placeholder parent account in my experience but I don't know whether
that affects it at upgrade. It shouldn't in theory. It has on occasions
caused problems with reports though, but not the CoA AFAIK. 

You should find a series of backup and log files in the same directory as
your main data file. If you locate the backup file with a timestamp
immediately before you opened the file with 3.7 you could make a copy of it.
The logfile for the session in which you first opened it in 3.7 may give
some indication of what happened. If there is nothing obvious you could try
opening the copy of the backup with 3.7 to check whether the behavior is
consistent. To be safe I would make a copy of the whole directory including
the backup and log files and keep it pristine and work on a secondary copy
until you have isolated how this happened.

David Cousens

David Cousens
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