[GNC] Sub-accounts disappeared during upgrade 3.5 > 3.7

Paul Kroitor paul at kroitor.ca
Mon Dec 16 09:52:54 EST 2019

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I am sure, at least in terms of everything I can think of to look at. The payments in the chequing account have all been changed to Expenses:Hydro rather than Expenses:Hydro:Main House. More importantly, exporting a Chart of Accounts doesn't show any of the sub-accounts.

EXPENSE:"Expenses:House Insurance":House Insurance::House Insurance:::CAD:CURRENCY:F:F:F
EXPENSE:"Expenses:Meals":Meals::Restaurants, Fast food:::CAD:CURRENCY:F:F:F
EXPENSE:"Expenses:Medical Expenses":Medical Expenses::Medical Expenses:::CAD:CURRENCY:F:F:F

One thing I did do a couple of weeks back is to check "Only display leaf account names" in the preferences, and I may not have opened the book since then. But surely this is just a display option and doesn't affect the underlying data at all.

There are only a couple of dozen transactions, and it's not hard to repair it manually, but I thought I should report the occurrence just in case anyone else see similar weirdness.


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Are you sure they are really gone?  Find a transaction in an account which was the other side of one of the missing sub accounts (so maybe a checking account transaction that went to the Main House expense account for example) open that transaction and see what it shows.  Try clicking on the button that takes you to the other side of the transaction (Jump it is labelled I think) and see where it takes you.


On Mon, 16 Dec 2019 at 01:37, Paul Kroitor <paul at kroitor.ca> wrote:
> Hello. Rather bizarrely, one group of sub-accounts has disappeared from the chart of accounts in one of our books. They we there when I last closed the file in GnuCash 3.5 a few days ago, and they're gone when I first opened them in 3.7.
> I am wracking my brain trying to understand what's special about this particular group, but there's nothing I can see that makes them different from others that didn't disappear. It's a straight-forward chart of accounts, it has about 15 sub-accounts under expenses, and three of these sub-accounts are divided into sub-subaccounts. Two of the groups didn't lose their subaccounts, but one did.
> Specifically, I had:
> Expenses
>   Groceries
>   House Insurance
>   Hydro
>       Main House
>       Retreat
>       A-frame
>   Meals
>   Medical
> And now (as soon as it was opened with 3.7) the three sub-sub-accounts under "Hydro" are gone, and all the bookings in them have been relocated to the parent account (Hydro). Happily, nothing is actually gone. There are other sub-accounts with children where this hasn't happened, so I am at a loss.
> Any ideas? It's not too late to roll it all back for trouble-shooting if that would help resolve it.
> Paul
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