[GNC] Unsplitting a transaction

Stephen M. Butler kg7je at arrl.net
Thu Dec 19 16:06:51 EST 2019

On 12/19/19 11:41 AM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> I think this thread appeared before but I don't have a saved solution.
> What
> surprises me is that I cannot find how to unsplit a transaction in the
> Guide
> or from a Web search.
> On occasion I'll use my debit card in the supermarket and get additional
> cash back to save a trip to a bank branch's ATM. I enter the
> transaction as
> a split: one offsetting account is Cash, the other is Groceries.
> The next time I want to enter a transaction for that supermarket (cash or
> debit) it defaults to 'split transaction' and no matter how I futz
> with the
> descriptions and amounts it refuses to change to Groceries as the cash
> offsetting account.
> Please explain how to do this and consider putting this information in
> the
> next version of the Guide and Manual.
> TIA,
> Rich 

Click on the split you don't want on this transaction.  Then click on
the DELETE icon on the top menu.  When you hover over it, it should say
"delete split".  If it says "Delete transaction" then you didn't put the
focus on the split.  Go back and click on the split and hover over the
DELETE to verify it now says "Delete split".

Alternatively, you can backspace all fields in the split and it should
disappear.  I haven't tried highlighting field by field and hitting the
delete key -- but that should also clean out the split field by field
until nothing is left of that split.

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