[GNC] HTML Chart exports are blank on MacOS/Windows browsers

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Sun Dec 29 15:35:04 EST 2019

As John already hinted, the problem is that in order to display the charts, 
some external javascript files are loaded. The paths to these javascript files 
are set when you generate the report and will refer to some files in the 
directory where gnucash is installed.

And there's the issue: Windows, Macos and Linux all have different 
installation directories. So the absolute paths will only work for the 
platform they have been generated on.

I'm not sure if we can do something about this on the gnucash site. The only 
thing I can think of would be to embed the javascript files directly inside 
the report rather than linking them. I have no idea if we can do that easily.

As an aside, javascript (or more formally referred to as ecma-script) has 
nothing to do with java. So whether you have java installed or not doesn't 
impact this. We don't use any java code.



Op zondag 29 december 2019 21:15:11 CET schreef boldstripe:
> Thank you for testing.
> Because I sync my GnuCash prefs folder, I can open the same chart report in
> the same GnuCash file from Saved Configurations within GnuCash on MacOS,
> Linux and Windows. The chart (an expenses bar chart) displays properly
> within Gnucash on all three platforms.
> The HTML chart report export made on Windows displays in Firefox and
> Internet Explorer on Windows. It does not display in Firefox on Linux or
> MacOS.
> The same HTML chart report export file made on Linux displays in Firefox on
> Linux, but not Firefox on Windows or MacOS.
> The same HTML chart report export file made on MacOS displays in Firefox on
> MacOS but not on Safari on MacOS, and not on FireFox in Linux (have not
> tested the Mac file in FF on Windows yet).
> This behavior is reproduced if the HTML file is stored either in a
> file-synced local folder (pCloud) or on a Network Attached Server on my
> local network.
> Before testing, I updated my Java installation on MacOS and Windows using
> new installers at java.com, but at the 'verify' check (an Oracle URL), only
> Internet Explorer on Windows gives a clean 'verified' response. With other
> browsers and platforms I receive some variation on a message that
> verification did not work, or with FireFox a message that FF 64-bit has not
> supported JRE plugins since September 2018.
> I am not qualified to know whether it is a GnuCash-specific problem. If you
> think it is not, then I will not post a bug report.
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