[GNC] HTML Chart exports are blank on MacOS/Windows browsers

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Mon Dec 30 17:14:01 EST 2019

Op maandag 30 december 2019 18:44:37 CET schreef Adrien Monteleone:
> I’d think the optimum long term solution would be something along the lines
> of generating a webp, png, or svg of the graph as part of the html
> delivery. That would remove the js bloat folder. (I don’t see any reason to
> have it generated on the fly each time with a now fixed set of data) Of
> course, that means some work, so it would be an enhancement and not much of
> a priority since it is easy enough to go the pdf route for now.

You'd lose the interaction. Hovering the charts currently will provide more 
details on each data point.


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