[GNC] The Tutorial and Concepts Guide

Rick Squires oceancruiser at bigpond.com
Thu Mar 5 23:35:10 EST 2020



I'm just starting with GnuCash and want to migrate from Reckon Accounts
Personal Plus 2019 Release R 1.


In the Tutorial and Concepts Guide there is a section called Appendix A.
Migration Guide.

The ones I am particularly interested in are:

A.2. Organization of QIF Files (Discussion)

A.3. Common Duplication Issues (Discussion)

A.4. Checking QIF Data (Discussion)


When I try to read each of these discussions the heading loads but the page
is blank. Am I doing something wrong? I can read the rest of the
documentation OK.


Before I move from Reckon I would really like to ensure that I can transfer
all my data accurately.


Suggestions for alternative reading would be appreciated.


Cheers,     Rick




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