[GNC] Problem Editing Payment - Customer Job

Keith Fetterman keithfetterman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 17:51:28 EDT 2021


I am encountering a problem with GnuCash 4.5 where I can not edit an existing customer payment if the payment is for invoices that have a job associated with them.  When I select “Edit payment” on an existing payment, I see a dialog overlaying the Process Payment dialog that says: 

You have no valid “Post To” accounts.  Please create an account of type “” before you continue to process this payment. Perhaps you want to create an Invoice or Bill first?.

When I close this dialog, the Process Payment dialog shows the job name where the customer name usually appears in the upper left sections.  The Post To account select is blank and the invoice(s) that were originally selected when the payment was created are missing.

I attempted to replace the job name with the customer name, but it only accepts the other jobs for that customer.  You can not find or select a customer.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a defect in GnuCash 4.5?

If my invoices do not have a job selected, I do have an issue editing an existing payment.  It only happens when the invoices have a job associated with them.

I am using GnuCash 4.5 on MacOS Catalina.  I searched Bugzilla, but I didn’t find an existing defect.


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