[GNC] Incorrect Trial Balance Amounts

Volker Englisch volker at englisch.us
Sun Jun 13 20:39:26 EDT 2021

Hi there,

I would like to check if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm correct in 
my assumption that the Trial Balance report isn't displaying correct 
amounts in all cases.

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS with GnuCash 3.8.

I started keeping track of some stock and entered the number of shares 
on Jan. 1, 2021, for example.  Let's say I have 100 shares worth $2 each.
    Asset:Investment:MyStock                200 (for 100 shares at $2)
                Equity:Opening Balance                    200

After a while (April 1st) I sell all shares and enter the corresponding 
transaction.  The price for the shares increased to $3 since I started 
tracking (I wish!):
     Asset:Current Asset:Checking Account        300
                 Asset:Investment:MyStock 300 (for 100 shares, $100 
realized gains)

When I run the trial balance report for the day I first entered MyStock 
everything looks good: $200 debit / $200 credit.  The same is true for 
the day I sold MyStock: $300 debit / $200 credit, the difference is my 
gain.  However, when I run the trial balance for 03/01 for instance, the 
trial balance shows $300 debit / $300 credit with $100 listed as 
unrealized gains.

What seems to be happening is that the TB calculates the value of the 
stock based on the last price entered in the price editor rather than 
using the last price prior to the date for which the TB is run.  With 
two entries in the price editor DB, one for 01/01 and one for 04/01 I 
would expect the price for 01/01 to be used until 03/31.

Am I doing something wrong?  It's possible I'm not understanding 
precisely how the TB is coming up with the numbers.

Thank you!

Volker Englisch
phone: (240) 343-5343 (mobil)
mailto:Volker at Englisch.us

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