[GNC] BackupGnuCash v2.1.0 Released - Adds support for Linux Flatpak

Chris Good goodchris96 at gmail.com
Thu May 6 03:10:17 EDT 2021



I've updated my BackupGnuCash app to version 2.1.0.


The changes are:


1. Add support for backing up GnuCash configuration files when

   GnuCash is installed as a Flatpak on Linux. BackupGnuCash is run

   from outside the Flatpak sandbox.

   Note that the GnuCash sandbox has full access to the files outside the

   (with the exception of some blacklisted directories e.g. /etc) so there
is no problem

   with the GnuCash sandbox accessing a GnuCash data file (usually
xxx.gnucash) if it is outside the sandbox.


2. 7z[.exe] command: Move password arg from after archive to before.

   This is required for Linux Ubuntu 20.04 p7zip-full 16.02+dfsg-7build1

   to fix "No more files" error.

   This is probably also needed for Ubuntu 20.04 derivatives like Mint 20.


The app is a modular java app, it is distributed as a runtime image which
includes the required java runtime, so it is not necessary to have java
installed on your system.


Please see:








Chris Good


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