[GNC] CSV matching produces duplicates?

flywire flywire0 at gmail.com
Mon May 17 21:00:59 EDT 2021

Original post about turning off Bayesian matching prompts:

flywire wrote
> It's not that hard to match most transactions and add accounts using a
> spreadsheet or other tool leaving the rest for manual confirmation. It
> would be reasonable to have a setting so they could be imported straight
> in
> like any other software.

This is very specific about turning off something that seems illogical in a
csv import process. There are plenty of csv import questions and there may
well be good workarounds I'm not aware of.

*Many people* manipulate csv files and GnuCash already allows (requires ??)
pre-processed csv files. Files that can't be imported directly from the bank

1. Mmm date format is not supported
2. DESCRIPTION IS UPPERCASE (from saving bits and COBOL) and Mixed Case Is
Preferred For Readability


3. there are no accounts but a 20 line lookup table adds accounts to 80% of
4. GnuCash accounts can be entered into the lookup table to ensure a match
(and changed after import if required)

In a previous comment I noted, it is not my data so I don't know what
account to assign to many transactions. (To reduce processing I assign
unaccounted transactions to entertainment and change those that aren't.) I
imagine many people process transactions for others without knowing the full
details when they are imported.

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