[GNC] apply a factor to profit/loss report

Peter Münster pm at a16n.net
Tue May 18 10:34:00 EDT 2021

On Tue, May 18 2021, Derek Atkins wrote:

>> Is it possible to apply a factor (or coefficient) to accounts in the
>> profit/loss report?
> No.

Thanks for your fast answer.

How much work would it be to patch Gnucash, to add that option?

> Your best best is to extract the report and import it into Calc and then
> apply your factor(s) there.

I would really like to avoid such manipulations.

> Either that, or pre-apply your 70% via Split Transactions,

That would be too much work.

> I'm assuming some sort of VAT?

No. My kayak club has a contract with a local administration, and each
year we have to deliver a profit/loss report with special coefficients
for most accounts. For example 75% of the pay for our employee, 30% of
electricity and so on. That is because we deliver services for the local
authority and they consider that our employee spends 75% of his time for
the services and 25% for your club.

I'm the treasurer and I have to make a normal report for the club (no
coefficients at all) and another for this contract.


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