[GNC] apply a factor to profit/loss report

D. sunfish62 at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 11:11:21 EDT 2021


That seems like a particularly narrow use case, meaning that any such patch would likely have to originate with you. Since gnucash is open source, it's entirely in the realm of possibility to do that-- if you have that ability. 

I am no expert, but I wonder if you couldn't somehow overload the tax tables features to parse out your coefficients? 

David T. 

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On Tue, May 18 2021, Derek Atkins wrote:

>> Is it possible to apply a factor (or coefficient) to accounts in the
>> profit/loss report?
> No.

Thanks for your fast answer.

How much work would it be to patch Gnucash, to add that option?

> Your best best is to extract the report and import it into Calc and then
> apply your factor(s) there.

I would really like to avoid such manipulations.

> Either that, or pre-apply your 70% via Split Transactions,

That would be too much work.

> I'm assuming some sort of VAT?

No. My kayak club has a contract with a local administration, and each
year we have to deliver a profit/loss report with special coefficients
for most accounts. For example 75% of the pay for our employee, 30% of
electricity and so on. That is because we deliver services for the local
authority and they consider that our employee spends 75% of his time for
the services and 25% for your club.

I'm the treasurer and I have to make a normal report for the club (no
coefficients at all) and another for this contract.

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