[GNC] Cannot always over-type, clear selected amounts

David G. Pickett dgpickett at aol.com
Wed May 19 10:12:28 EDT 2021

In this case system speed does not seem to be the issue.  I can un-select and delete with no delay, but cannot overtype or delete/backspace until I un-select.

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David P.
I am running a similar setup, GnuCash 3.8 in Linux Lite which is a derivative of Ubuntu 20.04 on a virtual machine.  For me, GnuCash seems rather slow responding from time to time, and sometimes needing to be 'kicked' by somehow moving the curser to a different field in order to 'wake it up' and enter text keystrokes.  Seems strange that it sometimes cannot accept text yet accept other keystrokes and mouse gestures.  When I get too frustrated I close GnuCash and re-open it and it will work better for a few hours.  If it gets really bad I sometimes need to re-boot.  So far, I have figured out that it is not overloading the cpus or using enough RAM to need to swap memory.

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Sometimes GNUCash gets in a mood, and I cannot over-type or delete selected amount fields in a transaction.  I can click aside to deselect and then backspace/delete the digits, decimal and type in the correct number, but I wonder what happened to the usual GUI behaviors?  I run Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS and GNUCash 3.8b+(2019-12-29) and Finance Quote 1.49, the latest defined for Ubuntu LTS.
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David Carlson

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