[GNC] Migrating and updating 2.6.21 in Windows 7 to 3.11 in Windows 10 No sub-accounts

rmomxtx at gmail.com rmomxtx at gmail.com
Tue May 18 16:03:59 EDT 2021

I am going to try again by starting a new thread to get past where I'm stuck
updating version 2.6.21 on a Windows 7 computer to version 3.11 on a Windows
10 computer.


I moved the 2.6.21 database to the Windows 10 computer along with the
.gnucash file with the saved reports. Saved reports is not as important as
getting access to the data completely. I installed version 3.11 on the new
computer, opened the program and from there opened the 2.6.21 data file.
Then I ran Action>Check & Repair>Check & Repair All. 


The problem I'm having is that the sub-accounts under Assets appear but not
under liabilities, equity, income and expenses. Running Action>Check &
Repair>Check & Repair sub-accounts one at a time for liabilities, equity,
income and expenses seems to work so some extent but not completely. There
are three levels of sub-accounts in some cases. The totals under the major
account headings, assets, liabilities, etc. appear to be correct and the
information is in the database, just having trouble opening the arrow to
access the sub-accounts. 


We couldn't stop work so have continued to use the Windows 7 computer to
keep up with the account while we figure this out. When we do, we will have
to start again and move the latest version of the database to the new
computer, replacing the file we are working with and go through the check
and repair process again.


What step am I missing to correct this problem?




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