[GNC] A Linux utility/program to print ABA and account numbers on stock/blank checks

local10 local10 at tutanota.com
Thu May 20 00:48:12 EDT 2021

May 20, 2021, 03:39 by jralls at ceridwen.us:

> It doesn't require special software, it requires a special MICR font and technically special magnetic ink, though 15 years ago when I was using those checks I mostly got away with plain laser printer toner.

Yes, if one doesn't print many checks per month (less than ten, I'd say) the bank will process it  even without the magnetic ink.

> I always used a Microsoft Windows program (sorry, I don't remember the name) from a company that also sold the blank checks.

I have a small Windows utility that does it but I was hoping to find something similar for Linux as I rarely use my Windows PC these days.


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